Welcome to Samir’s Home!

I am an undergraduate at UCSD with hopes to pursue a role in SWE. I am double majoring in Math-Computer Science and Cognitive Science and enjoy learning about philosophy. I recently joined The Computing for Social Good Lab at UCSD where I am researching mental burnout and problem gambling on social media using NLP.

I am currently looking for a 2023 internship positions as a software engineer. Please check my resume for links to my past experiences.


I am interested in investigating the applications machine learning techniques and its intersection with various fields, particularly NLP. I see computers’ knowledge of human language as the next big interface for humans to utilize computing power more naturally. I look forward to computers gaining a semantic understanding of language. I am also passionate about the application of simulation in developing robust systems. I am currently looking into using Unity simulations to accelerate software development on aerial vehicles. Simulations can be integrated into automated testing pipelines and used for human sanity-check verification during rapid development cycles.

About Me

👋 Hey, I’m Samir, but you can call me Samir.

My recent covid hobby has been an Among Us addiction. I also have been going through my backlog of things I’ve been meaning to do (like giving this site a little love 🫀). If you have any recommendations, I enjoy discovering new music and seeing all the interesting genres people come up with.

I’d love to talk about anything! Feel free to suggest a time that works here 🕰.

Things I love

  • ⚙ understanding complex systems
  • 💻 keeping an organized workspace against relentless entropy
  • 🤔 shows & movies that make you think
  • 📕 sci-fi: Neuromancer is a recent recommendation
  • 👀 privacy
  • 🎵 discovering new music
  • 🏃‍♂️ XC running
  • 💾 people who do proper backups
  • 🪄 the magic when things just work
  • 🪐 intellectualizing at night
  • 📰 current favorite Wikipedia article
  • 🦍 current favorite game
  • 🔥 current favorite movie

For more info

Message me through any of the contacts in the sidebar. Email is preferable.

Here’s my GPG key. You can also find it on my Keybase or hosted on the OpenPGP keyserver.


I would love to hear your feedback, constructive or otherwise. As an effort for personal CI/CD and behavioral refactoring, I have made this anonymous feedback box.