Window as an Instrument: A Collection

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A mini collection of songs that have a clean window squeaking sound. Sorted by descending squeaking.

  1. Cheers! by Tsuneo Imahori from Trigun OST

  2. 10 Otona no Kozou no Asobi by Yoshimori Makoto from Baccano! OST

  3. Blissful by John Guscott from de Blob OST

  4. Tokyo Coaster by Ryusenkei from City Music @3:20

  5. Beleza Pura by Masayoshi Takanaka from Brasilian Skies

Email me if you know of more.


Someone made a similar collection of songs that sample a bed squeaking sound.

Found these amazing songs by Lil Windex while looking for some additional songs: Cleanin Up, Bitcoin Ca$h.

A random crazy song by Ugly God that samples the iPhone ringtone.